[UNESCO APCEIU] Call for Application for 23rd Asia-PacificTraining Workshop on EIU/GCED (~ 6 June 2024)

APCEIU is pleased to announce the call for application to the "23rd Asia-Pacific Training Workshop (APTW) on EIU/GCED - Expanding the Vision of Peace through GCED", which will be held online from 19 to 28 June 2024.

This workshop is designed for educators with at least 3 years of career experience, including teacher trainers, teachers, and other educational professionals from the UNESCO member states in the Asia-Pacific region.

The 23rd APTW aims to empower educators to address the multifaceted challenges of today's world as global citizens and equip them with knowledge and strategies to implement contextualized Global Citizenship Education (GCED) programmes in their own classrooms and communities. The workshop consists of lectures on timely issues, live webinars by experts, group activities and discussions, networking and experience sharing by APTW alumni. Moreover, those who complete the workshop successfully will be given a chance to participate in a grant/mentorship opportunity to carry out their GCED initiatives to benefit learners, peer educators, and communities.

Kindly be informed that applicants MUST complete the e-learning course titled "Prerequisite course for the 23rd Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU/GCED" on the GCED Online Campus to apply for the workshop.

For more information, please find the attached Concept Note or visit the APCEIU website (https://www.unescoapceiu.org/post/5056).  

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