WHITRAP Launches 2023 Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases (AWHEIC)

WHITRAP launches the 2023 Global Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases(AWHEIC)on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention.

Global Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases(AWHEIC)was initiated by WHITRAP in 2022, aiming to select innovative World Heritage Education cases with contemporary exemplary significance around the world, providing an international exchange platform for global heritage education practitioners to communicate and share.

The 2022 AWHEIC was a great success, with nearly 100 cases received from around the world. 30 winning cases (10 Stars of Outstanding, 10 Stars of Discovery, and 10 Stars of the Future) were selected and awarded with certificates and other opportunities. In order to better present and share the winning cases globally, we have elaborately produced a promotional film and brochure for the winning cases, and organized international sharing sessions, which have been highly appreciated by all parties.

The deadline for application is 31 July 2023, more information is available at 

http://www.whitr-ap.org/index.php?classid=1461&newsid=3459&t=show or at 44whc@whitrap.com,

Here are relevant links for more information about AWHEIC:

1) Promotional film and brochure: 


Promotional film of AWHEIC

Film: 2022 Winner Cases of AWHEIC

2022 AWHEIC brochure

2) International sharing forum:


We look forward to your joining our network. We will provide you with a professional and unique platform for international exchange and sharing. Please submit the application form (Annexed) to 44whc@whitrap.com (backup email: creativeheritage@163.com) by July 31st.

WHITRAP is a non-profit organization specialized in the area of heritage conservation. As a category 2 institute under the auspices of UNESCO, it is the first of its kind that was established in the developing countries. It is an autonomous institution at the service of Member States and Associate Members of UNESCO. The Institute’s mission is to strengthen implementation of World Heritage Convention in the Asia and the Pacific region, by building the capacity of all those professionals and bodies involved with World Heritage site nomination, protection, conservation and management in the Asia and the Pacific region, through training, research, the dissemination of information and network building.

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