ICOMOS-ICIP (International Committee on Interpretation and Presentation) Academic Symposium
- Definitions and concepts of interpretation and presentation, and attribute extraction as heritage
28 Aug 2023
A Conversation with UNESCO's Deputy Director-General (DDG) and Assistant Director-General (ADG)
The Centre participated in a meeting with UNESCO's DDG and ADG as part of the '20th Annivers
28 Aug 2023
Participation of the Information Session for the Extended 45th Session of the World Heritage Committee
From July 20th to 25th, our centre visited Paris, France to attend the Information Session for the E
28 Aug 2023
WHIPIC Periodical Roundtable Dialogue: The role and vision of Capacity Building in World Heritage interpertation
On June 28, the WHIPIC roundtable dialogue was held on the theme of the role and vision of capacit
28 Jul 2023
2nd Capacity Building Workshop on World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation of 2023
Day 1 Group Activities The 2nd Capacity Building Workshop on World Heritage Interpretation and Pre
28 Jul 2023
All About World Heritage Interpretation Policy Research Roundtable
● Project: World Heritage Interpretation Policy Research Roundtable ● Date: June 7, 2023 (Wed) - Jul
28 Jul 2023
Exploring an External Collaboration opportunity for WHIPIC's Informatization Projects
Meeting to Discuss Collaborative Strategies between UNESCO WHIPIC and KISTI Information Management
26 Jun 2023
Initiation of the Information Infrastructure Development Project (1st)
Evaluation meeting for the proposal of the research on data definition and standardization for the
26 Jun 2023
The Meetings for the “Definitions and Concepts of Heritage Interpretation and Presentation Working Group”
- International heritage Specialists gather to discuss new paradigms and approaches The Meetings f
26 Jun 2023
The Sejong Declaration, adopted by all World Heritage-related Category 2 Centres
WHIPIC hosted the 8th Annual Coordination Meeting of the Category 2 Centres from May 31st to June
26 Jun 2023

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