WHIPIC Research Forum - 2022 Research Project Debate

23 May 2023

Sharing and discussing about Research and Development Office projects and issues

Staffs attending the Research and Development Office Research Forum

On Tuesday, May 16, the Research and Development Office held the first WHIPIC research forum of the year, to enhance the capabilities of the center's staff and discuss the research results of 2022.

The theme of this research forum was sharing and discussing the research achievements of 2022. There were presentations summarizing the research results and contents of the reports from each research project, and explanations were shared about this year's and future research plans and directions. The approximately 90-minute research forum shared how each research field of theory, policy, topic, and regional research is linked with an introduction to the research fields of the Research and Development Office, and how to develop each field's research in the future through each 20-minute presentation.

The Research and Development Office holds a monthly research forum to keep abreast of the latest trends in world heritage and to address significant issues. These forums play a role in augmenting the abilities of our staff and promoting effective communication.

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