Announcing a new beginning for periodical and e-newsletter

28 Apr 2023

Starting from April, WHIPIC's three communication platforms managed by the Information Management Office - the regular publication, e-newsletter, and SNS - will be presented in a new format.

The first editorial board meeting for the annual publication 'Interpreting World Heritage' will be held soon. In September, ahead of its distribution by the World Heritage Committee, five domestic and foreign advisory members will discuss a new start following the inaugural issue. Also, our e-newsletter will be published monthly with a new design starting this month. In addition to the usual WHIPIC NEWS, we are also preparing lively World Heritage interpretation sections, so please stay tuned.

Finally, did you know that the latest news from WHIPIC is constantly being shared on our official social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook? We are sharing interesting and informative content, so please follow us if you want to know more about the dynamic activities of WHIPIC.

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