Invited lecture by the Blue Shield International Committee on "World Heritage Research for Peace"

28 Apr 2023

Peter Stone, the Chairman of the Blue Shield International Committee, during his lecture

On April 13, 2023, at 10:00 a.m., the Research and Development Office hosted Dr. Peter Stone, Chairman of the Blue Shield International and Professor at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, to share the results of his research on "World Heritage Sites as Ambassadors for Peace" and to discuss ways to collaborate with the WHIPIC. In his lecture, Peter Stone pointed out how UNESCO and the World Heritage Program were founded with a clear common goal of peace building, and how this goal has been lost in UNESCO and World Heritage policies and heritage professionals. 

Professor Peter Stone also mentioned that the results of pilot programs developed by the International Blue Shield Committee in the UK since 2014 should be shared and that heritage communities should consider ways to build peace based on the interpretation and explanation of world heritage. He further revealed plans to expand such pilot programs to other countries, enabling them to be attempted in more diverse cultural spheres and communities. Through this process, he urged WHIPIC to make efforts to contribute to the common heritage of humanity and the international community, without forgetting the ultimate goal of building peace, as an international organization leading the interpretation and presentation of world heritage.

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