WHIPIC Periodical Roundtable Dialogue: The role and vision of Capacity Building in World Heritage interpertation

28 Jul 2023

On June 28, the WHIPIC roundtable dialogue  was held on the theme of the role and vision of capacity-building for World Heritage interpretation. We were joined by three experts from World Heritage Heritage organizations (WHITRAP, WHIPIC, Interpret Europe).

In this roundtable, we discussed each organization's objectives for capacity-building and why it is important, the prospects for strengthening World Heritage interpretation capacity-building in the next 50 years, and cooperation plans for future capacity-building.

This was a significant meeting where we shared the uniqueness and expertise of each organization and discussed future cooperation in the field of World Heritage interpretation capacity-building.

The video of the roundtable is available on WHIPIC's official YouTube channel and also you can find it in HI PEOPLE, a periodical that will be published in August this year.

Check out the full video of the roundtable below.

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