All About World Heritage Interpretation Policy Research Roundtable

28 Jul 2023

● Project: World Heritage Interpretation Policy Research Roundtable

● Date: June 7, 2023 (Wed) - July 12, 2023 (Wed)

● Venue: Online

● Attendance: Mario Santana Quintero, Secretary General of ICOMOS, Peter Shadie, Senior Advisor of IUCN World Heritage Programme, Gamini Wijesuriya, Senior Advisor of ICCROM, Sarah Court, Heritage Interpretation Consultant.

As part of the World Heritage interpretation policy research, we organized a roundtable session with experts in World Heritage policy. The three-day session was organized around the theme of World Heritage Properties for faithful implementation of the World Heritage Convention and sustainable heritage protection. 

In the first session, under the theme 'Concept and Definition of Attributes’, we discussed the role, functions, and components of attributes. In the second session, under the theme 'Explaining the Concept of Attributes', we discussed how to efficiently communicate the concept of attributes to heritage site managers and stakeholders, and how to develop their capabilities of using attributes. Finally, in the third session, under the theme 'Attribute Extracting Methodology', we shared various cases of identifying attributes that meet the purpose of heritage protection and the  functions of the heritage site. In addition, we discussed the necessity of attributes identification for various heritages and for each step of World Heritage processes, the scope of credible data sources as reference, and the ways to involve the community.

The roundtable sessions for interpretation policy research were an opportunity to ponder on the concept of ‘attributes', ensuring the value of not only World Heritage but also overall heritage is protected efficiently and sustainably in the future.

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