Dialogue with Young Professionals Who Is Making the Future of World Heritage - Holding a joint Seminar with the Australian National University -

23 Sep 2023

On September 4, a seminar titled 'World Heritage Future In Your Hand' was held at the Australian National University in Canberra, with the sincere cooperation of the university's Museum and Heritage Studies Department. This seminar introduced issues and challenges that World Heritage, interpretation, and presentation confront through WHIPIC’s research outcomes and case studies. It also shared diverse opinions on World Heritage as perceived by the younger generation that touched on the limitations and future direction of the World Heritage management system, the roles of stakeholders, and the effects and importance of interpretation and presentation.

Seminar at the Australian National University

Through the seminar with the Australian National University, WHIPIC grasped the perceptions of young researchers about the conservation and management system of World Heritage and gathered opinions on the direction of future research tasks. Also, it was found that not just on World Heritage properties but also many other heritage sites are implementing heritage interpretation and presentation, sometimes having interpretation issues on their sites.

WHIPIC will continue to support young professionals and early-career researchers for their future contributions to heritage academia.


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