Discussing Strengthening Cooperation at the Extended 45th Session of the World Heritage Committee

23 Sep 2023

WHIPIC is participating in the Extended 45th session of the World Heritage Committee, which is taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from September 10 to September 25. The "Sejong Declaration," which was adopted during the 8th C2C Annual Meeting that WHIPIC hosted in May, was formally adopted on September 11. The session addressed Agenda Item 6 - "Follow-up to the World Heritage Capacity-Building Strategy and Progress report on the World Heritage-related Category 2 Centres." Additionally, following an amendment request from the Republic of South Africa, all category 2 centres will present reports on all their activities related to the World Heritage Convention at next year's 46th World Heritage Committee meeting. This will provide them with the opportunity to address the committee directly.

The Picture of Extended 45th session of the World Heritage Committee

For this purpose, six category 2 centres, including Korea, China, Bahrain, Mexico, Spain, and South Africa, and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre gathered together to discuss potential cooperative projects for the upcoming year.

Specifically, they concurred with WHIPIC's proposal to join the working group tasked with revising the World Heritage Capacity Building Strategy (2025-2035). They also agreed to meet through an online workshop to gather concencus among C2Cs, with the World Heritage Centre expressing its interest to participate.

online workshop to collect unified opinions from C2Cs, and the Centre agreed to participate.

The Director - General Hong of WHIPIC met with China's UNESCO ambassador

In addition, WHIPIC had discussions with multiple organisations in field of World Heritage. We met with the Heritage Commission of Saudi Arabia, talking about capacity building in the interpretation and presentation for World Heritage, establishing Category 2 centres and support publication. 

Through the meeting with the cultural heritage officials of Singapore, we discussed cooperation to strengthen capacity in the interpretation and explanation of World Heritage.

C2C meets again for further cooperation

Subsequent discussions with Teresa Patricio (President) and Marie-Laure Lavenir (Secretary-General) of ICOMOS unveiled a mutual interest in collaboration. Teaming up for World Heritage interpretation and presentation training was suggested by Joseph King and Eugene Jo (Pragramme manager) from ICCROM.

In conversations with Tim Badman, Director of the IUCN, we agreed in preparing training programmes related to heritage interpretation and presentation in natural heritage. WHIPIC plans to MOUs with ICOMOS and ICCROM next year, paving the way for future collaboration.

Meeting with ICOMOS

The 45th Session of the World Heritage Committee demonstrated the international recognition of WHIPIC and the high expectations for its future work. To summarize we were able to lay the foundation for exploring and pursuing mutual cooperation projects with the World Heritage Centre and advisory bodies and international organisations.


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