2023 Youth Capacity-Building Training for World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation: Meet the Heritage Professional of Tomorrow

29 Nov 2023

WHIPIC successfully hosted the “2023 World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation International Forum: Inviting Wider Participants to World Heritage Protection” (referred to as the International Forum) on November 15, alongside the two-day “2023 Youth Capacity Building Training for World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation” Programme from November 13 to 14.

This programme, designed for approximately 50 domestic and international undergraduate/graduate students, aimed to highlight the role of youth in various communities engaged in interpreting and presenting World Heritage. It provided a platform for networking between youth participants and experts.

On the first day, 45 undergraduate/graduate students from 30 domestic and international universities attended, engaging in lectures and discussions on World Heritage interpretation and presentation theory, a field trip to Jongmyo Shrine, attribute extraction practices, and career development in international organizations.

On the second day, five teams from Ahmedabad University, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, Korea University, Konkuk University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and the University of Hong Kong participated in the International Workshop for World Heritage Interpretation Planning. The workshop was created to develop interpretation strategies guided by experts in interpretation and presentation. Each team underwent three months of online consultations with an expert advisory group, during which they developed their interpretation strategy for their own selected World Heritage Site.

During the workshop, experts were assigned to each group to offer diverse feedback on Heritage interpretation plans. The participating teams actively gathered opinions and incorporated them into their work to ensure a more inclusive approach to heritage interpretation.

World Heritage Sites
1Centre for Heritage Management
Ahmedabad University
Ajanta Caves
Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, Korea University

Historic Villages of Korea : Hahoe and Yangdong

Konkuk University
Historic Town of Vigan
4Heritage in Motion
National University of Singapore

Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto

5The Fabulous Vector
Nanyang Technological University, The University of Hong Kong
Historic Centre of Macao

Following the advisory session, the participating teams delivered final presentations to showcase their developed interpretation strategies. The subsequent Q&A session provided an opportunity to hear the opinions of expert panels, encouraging open discussions on the teams' perspectives and interpretations of the heritage. This phase also allowed participating teams to listen actively, raising new perspectives and questions while filling in gaps they may not have previously considered.

At the end of the day, Team "Heritage In Motion" from the National University of Singapore was chosen for drawing the best interpretation plan and was invited as sepcial speaker for the 2023 World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation International Forum.

The feedback from the training participation survey indicates that attendees found the specialized content explained straightforwardly to be highly informative and enriching. Many expressed satisfaction with the opportunity to connect and communicate with individuals from diverse fields of study. Based on these survey results, our centre is committed to enhancing this educational initiative to provide young individuals aspiring to enter the heritage field the opportunity to evolve into prominent figures in sustainable development.

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