Enhancing World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation : WHIPIC's 2024 Capacity Building Programme for Site Interpreters and Managers

27 Jun 2024

WHIPIC conducted the "2024 World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation Capacity Building Programme for Site Interpreters and Managers" in Yeosu and Suncheon tidal flats from June 3 to 5. This initiative aimed to enhance the capabilities and practical skills of World Heritage managers and site interpreters in the Republic of Korea. The workshop, attended by 60 site interpreters and managers from 36 organizations, featured a variety of lectures, practical exercises, discussions, and a site visit to the Suncheon Tidal Flat, which was inscribed on the World Heritage list in 2022 as a component of the Korean Tidal Flats.

Group Photo of Site Interpreter Course

The first day was dedicated to World Heritage Site interpreters. It included lectures and practical sessions designed to deepen participants' understanding of World Heritage interpretation and presentation. A key focus was the Nature-Culture approach, essential for effective heritage interpretation. A lecture by a heritage interpreter from Jongmyo Shrine provided valuable considerations and checklists for preparing site interpretations of World Heritage sites. Participants engaged in a practice session on "Writing Scenarios for World Heritage Interpretation on Site," where they developed scenarios, presented their work, and shared peer reviews and feedback.

Group Discussion Session

The second day catered to World Heritage site managers in the Republic of Korea. It aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the World Heritage system, national policies for heritage conservation and management, and foundational knowledge and approaches to World Heritage interpretation and presentation. The programme encouraged the development of heritage management plans tailored to local contexts and the implementation of experiential and festive programmes at World Heritage sites. Group discussions and presentations allowed participants to address local issues related to World Heritage and propose solutions.

On the third day, participants visited Suncheon Bay and its tidal flats. Guided by a site interpreter, they attended a lecture on how Suncheon City protects its natural heritage through local government policies.

Sites Visit at Suncheon Bay

The World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation Capacity Building Programme aims to provide capacity-building opportunities for those closely involved with World Heritage properties worldwide. Since 2022, it has benefited 283 participants from 33 countries, including interpreters, site managers, younger generations, and researchers. The programme promotes inclusive heritage interpretation and presentation, encouraging active participation from a wide range of heritage professionals and stakeholders, especially at World Heritage Sites.

Site Visit Group Photo of Managers Course

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