Youth Around the World Took their First Step Toward Preserving and Interpreting Natural Heritage

27 Jun 2024

On 7 June, WHIPIC completed orientation-course for the ‘2024 International Youth Forum' in collaboration with the the Sejong City Office of Education Global Education Center. This initiative was built upon ongoing collaborative efforts between WHIPIC and the Sejong City Office of Education. Last year, WHIPIC organised a pilot educational programme to introduce local high school students to the concept of World Heritage. This year, WHIPIC planned this orientation-course to inform the world's youth of the importance of natural heritage.

The International Youth Forum is an annual event organised by the Sejong City Office of Education to develop global citizenship skills among youth worldwide. The theme of this year's forum, scheduled for July, is marine ecosystem conservation. WHIPIC held introductory education sessions to familiarise participants with the concept of marine ecosystems, covering essential aspects of natural and marine heritage. Key topics included the World Heritage system and its history, types of World Heritage with a focus on natural heritage, challenges faced by natural heritage, and innovative approaches to interpreting conservation efforts.

Programme specialist Kayeong Oh of Education and Networking Office conducting training

During the orientation-course, preliminary training, 75 youths from 11 countries, including France, Spain, Taiwan, and Japan, discussed the unique natural heritage challenges in their respective countries. They also developed action plans to tackle these challenges, getting ready for the main event in July.

In the future, WHIPIC plans to collaborate with professional organisations to offer diverse capacity-building programmes. These initiatives aim to enhance the heritage interpretation and preservation skills of future global leaders.

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