WHIPIC Explores New Avenues in Heritage Interpretation With the Interpret Europe

29 Apr 2024

IECON24 Poster

WHIPIC participated in the Interpret Europe Conference (IECON24) organised by Interpret Europe from March 21st to 25th.

Keynote lecture by Sujeong Lee, Head of Research and Development Office (Day 2) : 'Interpretation as a meaning-making process')

The Interpret Europe Conference (IECON24) was held under the theme' Sustainability: Challenging Ways of Thinking Through Heritage Interpretation.' The conference consisted of keynote lectures by three masters and experts in heritage analysis, heritage interpreters presentations, and workshops. It was attended by approximately 120 stakeholders from all over Europe, the United States, and South America. Keynote speakers included Professor David Uzzell from the University of Surrey, UK, Professor Louis Bonet from the University of Barcelona, Spain, and Soojeong Lee from WHIPIC's Research and Development Office. WHIPIC presented its research and educational projects' outcomes to heritage interpretation field experts, focusing on the theme of 'Heritage Interpretation as a meaning-making process.'

WHIPIC-IE MOU and discuss business cooperation

Throughout the conference, WHIPIC actively engaged in business discussions, fostering closer cooperation between our Association and potential partners. We shared our research findings and future plans, sparking exciting conversations about opportunities for human relationships and joint projects. In a significant development, our initiative, 'Basic Research for Development of Heritage Interpretation and Presentation Principles,' was selected as the inaugural collaborative project. Experts from the Association will collectively formulate principles, paving the way for a fruitful partnership. We look forward to inviting the Association's Secretary General, Helena Vičič, to Korea in October of this year to sign an inter-institutional agreement (MOU), marking the beginning of a promising collaboration.

Business meeting to discuss cooperation between UNESCO Venice Office, Centre and Association in Venice

As the final segment of our itinerary, WHIPIC visited the UNESCO Venice Office to explore trilateral cooperation possibilities. This potential collaboration between the UNESCO Venice Office, the Association, and WHIPIC holds great promise. Currently, the UNESCO Venice Regional Office is implementing the 'Learning Landscape' project in collaboration with the Association. WHIPIC is eager to assess methods of involvement in activities aimed at broadening the social benefits and contributions of heritage through interpretation, aligning with the project's objectives.

Group photo of Interpret Europe Conference 2024

Through this collaboration with Interpret Europe, we plan to establish a close working relationship with field-based interpretation and presentation experts, related organisations, and various stakeholders and continue to promote inter-institutional exchanges that will enable inclusive heritage interpretation to be realised.

*European Association for Heritage Interpretation: The European Association for Heritage Interpretation was founded in 2000 as the European Cooperation for Heritage Interpretation. The Association Secretariat was established in 2010. Under its Secretary General (Helena Vičič), it has organised departments for research, education, cultural heritage, natural heritage, and tourism.

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