[2021 CHA Press Release] Webinar on the World Heritage Interpretation

26 Jan 2022

The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA, Administrator Kim Hyun-mo) of Republic of Korea will hold a webinar series on “the interpretation of world heritage : world heritage, multiple memories” from February to July organized by the preparatory office of the interpretation and presentation of world heritage sites under the auspices of UNESCO (WHIPIC)

Since the adoption of the World Heritage Convention in 1972, World Heritage protection activities have overlooked the multilayer narratives of cultural heritage where different memories of various groups coexist, emphasizing the universality and representation of cultural heritage. Conflicts between countries and regions have emerged due to various memories of World Heritage, as seen in the recent conversion of Hagia Sophia Cathedral to mosques and the history of victims who disappeared from the Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution. Through this webinar series, the CHA intends to discuss the nature of world heritage in conflicts with different memories and how to manage these conflicts. In particular, the year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the World Heritage Convention, and the webinar series is expected to serve as a timely forum for discussing the peaceful management of world heritage in conflict and the effective implementation of the World Heritage Convention.

The webinar series will consist of six sessions(attachment 1: Detailed schedules and topics) and four international heritage experts, including a moderator and three discussants, who will discuss the topic in the form of free dialogue. The first session will be broadcasted on February 17 at 9 a.m. (Korean time) through Facebook and YouTube accounts of CHA and WHIPIC under the theme of "New Approach to World Heritage Conversation: World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation." The fourth round will be presented and discussed by the winners of the video essay contest on peace and reconciliation through world heritage. And the sixth session will be held in the form of an on-site seminar in China, where the 44th World Heritage Committee will be held, along with the 5 moderators from previous sessions with the theme of multiple voices and memories toward peace-building and reconciliation. On the other hand, the webinar series is a collaboration with the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF), a UNESCO Category 2 center in the field of World Heritage in Africa.

The webinar series will be open for participation for 100 people with advance register and is also streamed live through YouTube and Facebook. It will be uploaded to the account after the live broadcast and can be watched later. Each session will be about 60 minutes of discussion and 20 minutes of question-and-answer, and will be conducted in English.

* The broadcast time in each session may vary depending on the schedule of the moderators and discussants and it will be announced in advance through the Facebook account of WHIPIC.

The CHA stated, "Peaceful management of world heritage, which is at odds with each stakeholder due to different views and interpretations, is an issue to be solved by the international community for the effective implementation of the 1972 World Heritage Convention."

Meanwhile, WHIPIC will be officially established by the end of this year, and will carry out various projects on the interpretation and presentation of world heritage in the field of research, capacity-building, information service, network and awareness-raising.

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