[CHA Press Release] Online Lecture and Webinar Series on Understanding Heritage Interpretation in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention

22 Aug 2022

  The Cultural Heritage Administration (hereinafter CHA, Administrator Choi Eung-Chon) and The International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites under the auspices of UNESCO*(hereinafter the WHIPIC) will hold the 2022 Online Lecture and Webinar Series on Understanding World Heritage Interpretation, which consists of five sessions from 25 August to 3 November, including two webinars (1st and 5th sessions) and three online lectures (2nd, 3rd and 4th sessions).

* The International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of the World Heritage Sites: a UNESCO Category 2 Centre established by the CHA through the international agreement between the Korean government and UNESCO, which supports the implementation of the 1972 World Heritage Convention and UNESCO strategies through research, education and training, and information dissemination in the field of World Heritage interpretation and presentation.

Since UNESCO adopted the World Heritage Convention in 1972, with 194 States Parties signing the Convention, the organization has protected shared assets of World Heritage Sites and contributed to sustainable development through a wide range of conservation activities.

This year is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, and under the theme of ‘Bridging the Gap: 50 Years of the World Heritage Convention’ the event will provide an opportunity to discuss the areas overlooked in the Convention and the role of heritage interpretation to complement those gaps while reflecting on the Convention.

* Heritage Interpretation: the process and activity of understanding the meaning and value of heritage based on interpreters’ socio-cultural backgrounds
* Heritage Presentation: the communicative activities delivering those meaning, values, and heritage information

Since 2020, the WHIPIC, officially established as a UNESCO Category 2 Centre in January 2022, has provided a platform for information sharing to increase understanding of the issues that the World Heritage sites are facing and the significance and various roles of World Heritage interpretation and presentation through the ‘Online Lecture Series on Understanding the World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation’ and ‘Interpretation of World Heritage: World Heritage, Multiple Memories’.

* UNESCO Category 2 Centre: the centres are established through the formal agreements between UNESCO and the Member State hosting the centre. They are expected to contribute directly to achieving the Strategic Programme Objectives or programme priorities and themes of the Organization in the fields of education, science, culture and information & communication in which the Organization is specialized.

The 1st webinar on 25 August at 16:00 KST will be joined by Mr. Souayibou Varissou (Executive Director of the African World Heritage Fund), Ms. Kerime Danis (Secretary General of ICOMOS ICIP), Ms. Haifaa Abedalhaleem (Advisory committee member of Our World Heritage), and Ms. Miray Hasaltun Wosinski (UNESCO Liasion and Cultural Heritage Specialist at Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities). The panel members are going to discuss not only the fifty-year history of the World Heritage Convention but also the future challenges and the role of heritage interpretation in dealing with those issues.

It will be followed by lectures on the topics of culture and nature, whose gap has grown considerably in practising the World Heritage Convention (2nd session on 16 September), of experts and the public (3rd session on 29 September), and of the ways to make linkages between the tangible and intangible heritage and documentary heritage (4th session on 13 October). The 5th and final session on 3 November will hold a webinar under the theme of ‘The Directions of Heritage Interpretation in World Heritage Policy’ and finish the whole series by summarizing what will have been discussed during the previous sessions.

The sessions will be streamed live on WHIPIC’s YouTube channel and Facebook page and will be opened to all without prior registration. They will be live-streamed in English, and the recorded videos with English and Korean subtitles will be uploaded on WHIPIC’s YouTube channel afterwards.

* Webpage: http://unesco-whipic.org
* YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOTVrK6OBYhlBMA_0vg2JQ
* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/unesco.whipic
* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unesco.whipic

The CHA expects that the online lecture and webinar series will suggest multidisciplinary perspectives on the World Heritage interpretation and presentation and, through the interconnectedness of those views, will raise international awareness of the understanding of and various meanings and values of World Heritage Sites.

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