Greetings from the Director General


Welcome to the official website of the International Centre for Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites (WHIPIC).


WHIPIC, designated as a UNESCO Category 2 Centre, was established to promote the understanding and protection of World Heritage globally through inclusive heritage interpretation and presentation.


Since the adoption of the World Heritage Convention in 1972, the scope of World Heritage has steadily expanded, with 1,200 sites currently listed on the World Heritage List. These sites represent the cultural and natural heritage of our world, passed down from the past to be preserved for future generations. Despite their global significance, World Heritage sites may not be universally recognized as such.


Heritage sites embody a diverse range of values, yet respecting all of them can be challenging. World Heritage sites, in particular, have often been valued primarily for their Outstanding Universal Values, while other aspects are overlooked. Therefore, WHIPIC is dedicated to the concept of inclusive heritage interpretation and presentation, aiming to create an environment where all groups can actively participate in the process of heritage valuation and promote its values.


Our approach involves:


  • Researching to establish international principles and guidelines for the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage.
  • Strengthening the capacity of stakeholders to actively participate in the valuation process.
  • Establishing an online platform to collect and disseminate information on World Heritage sites, facilitating effective interpretation and presentation.


In fulfilling these roles, WHIPIC is committed to upholding the UNESCO spirit of reconciliation, coexistence, and peace for all.


Thank you for your support.


Director General

Chang-nam HONG

International Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites

2107, Hannuri-daero, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea

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