Share and spread information on World Heritage

Build an information platform to collect, accumulate, manage, and share useful data on the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage.

Promote greater use of information and communication technology and develop diverse content on the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage, including education, tourism, cultural industry, media, and intangible assets.

Share and reproduce knowledge and information accumulated by research and capacity building, which is used as the driving force for social development

Information Strategy Planning(ISP)


Information Strategy Plan for Building an Integrated Information System

Information Strategy Plan to systematically manage information related to the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage and to provide open and integrated services


Analysis of Environment

Analysis of the Current Situation

Establishment of Target Model

Establishment of Action Plan

Basic study on methodologies of World Heritage Presentation


Primary source for creating effective world heritage presentation methods

Research for World Heritage Presentation methodologies to discover relevant projects by looking into previous studies, trends and needs of stakeholders

Publication of WHIPIC Periodicals
(Interpreting World Heritage)


Road to Inclusiveness

WHIPIC Periodicals to provide timely information and foster Global network through a variety of contents such as regional, cross-sector dialogue, community perspective and multi-media on World Heritage

Basic Research on the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage to build a DB 


- Studies on the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage started in the early 2000s,

  but accessibility to the results remains low

- Provide theoretical infrastructure for active discourse by collecting and sharing research

  information on the interpretation and presentation of World Heritage

- Lay the foundation for the network of experts at a national level

- Grasp theoretical and practical trends regarding heritage interpretation

< Business >

Establish a research DB to come up with future directions of the Center

- Make a database of 1,400 chapters of research books and 160 papers on the interpretation and presentation

of World Heritage and classify them according to the subject

Make a database of research results and distribute the reference, including bibliography information and summaries 

- Distribute 300 volumes of the reference titled “Heritage Interpretation and Presentation: A Review and Annotated Bibliography”

(university libraries of Korea, experts, and organizations in and out of the country) [Download PDF file]

< Editors >
❶ Visnja Sinisa Kisic / University of Arts Belgrade
Lee Hwa-jong / Hanyang University
Build a DB for the stakeholders


- Build a network in the area of interpretation and presentation of World Heritage

- Promote information sharing and cooperation in heritage interpretation

- Offer information on stakeholders such as experts, institutions, and universities to efficiently

  design projects and seek diversity, establishing partnerships and an employee pool through the


< Business >

- Collect basic information for the DB on experts, institutions, organizations and make an online DB directory for stakeholders

- Conduct basic research for comprehensive partnership strategies and build a stakeholder DB

< Survey Target >
- UNESCO, related organizations, international organizations, NGOs, educational and research institutes, and experts

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